Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership


The mission of the Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership is to train a new generation of leaders to address pressing contemporary, ethical and social concerns, especially those affecting African American life and culture.  The goals of the Center are to:

  1. Develop a broad -based knowledge of global and international issues in all disciplines, including General Education.

  2. Provide experiences that will enhance the students understanding of other cultures and nations.

  3. Develop attitudes and values that would enable Morehouse students to lead the nation and the world.

The Andrew Young Center for International Affairs was established at Morehouse in 1993 and the Leadership Program was established in 1995 with a grant of $1 million from The Coca-Cola Foundation.  These two Centers were combined into a new Center in 2012 and named the Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership.  The Center offers a distinctive educational program in its ability to provide leadership education, study abroad experiences, service learning programs and other co-curricular activities. As a national model for academic leadership programs the Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership offers Morehouse students a rich and diverse experience through lectures, skills training, small group discussions with world leaders, as well as mentoring, internships and travel opportunities.

With exposure to the Center’s methodology,-rich environment and its comprehensive, interdisciplinary program, emerging leaders develop both the hard skills (e.g., team building, problem solving) and the soft skills (e.g., empathy, emotional intelligence) necessary for effective ethical leadership in the 21st century.