Career Services - The Division of Business Administration and Economics

Job satisfaction does not happen by accident. The Division of Business Administration and Economics strives to provide exemplary career planning and placement services to Morehouse College students who desire to pursue a career in business and industry or work in a corporate or professional role. Morehouse students can declare a major in Business Administration and/or Economics and minor in Accounting, Business, Economics, Leadership Studies, and Sales. The Office of Career Services in the Division has one basic goal—to assist the student in securing the career position that is most suitable for him whether this means further study or immediate employment after graduation. The dedicated Division faculty and Career Services staff develop programs and opportunities to complement students’ academic experiences to assist them in attaining successful and fulfilling careers.

We provide resources and guidance to students and division alumni within two years of graduation to help clarify their interests, skills and values, and gain the experience necessary to successfully navigate the competitive job and graduate school markets. The Career Services in Business and Economics staff can help students across the campus secure internships, connect to alumni employers and key executives, and are committed to providing necessary resources so that our students may conduct their own tailored job and graduate school searches that fit their individual needs.

Career planning is a complex and important individual responsibility. Getting started is key. Start Early and Start Often to make success happen for you!

Stay in the know

Take control of your success 

Attend the career-related workshops, information sessions, networking events, etc. that matter

Reinvent yourself as needed

Try harder than you did last time