Morehouse College Strategic Plan

Goal 10: Explore More Cost-effective Educational Models

  • Pilot alternative Morehouse experiences, including online courses and engagements for audiences other than our traditional students
  • Examine ways to reduce the student cost of earning a Morehouse degree


Many institutions are implementing strategies to combat the high cost of tuition. Various cost-cutting propositions include developing online programs, accelerated degree programs or other policies that aim to minimize cost, only to learn hard lessons about the unsustainability, unexpected start-up costs, or other challenges associated with their efforts. A smaller number of institutions have been rewarded for taking bold new steps.

Given the current state of affordability and the lessons shared by other institutions, we know that it is imperative to not only experiment, but also proceed carefully. Therefore, rather than commit to pursuing a new educational and financial model in the next three years, our goal is to gather enough evidence to position us well for such a pursuit. In particular, we will:

  • Pilot intensive short-courses during breaks: (see Goal 2)
    • We will consider similar academic programs and course-offerings during the summer and other College breaks with a common hope for these and other courses is that we selectively open them to non-Morehouse students

    • We will explore high school (including dual-degree students), students attending other colleges, and adult students hoping to funnel some of these students into the academic year program, even if only for a semester

    • In addition, we could offer certificates, exchanges, or other programs; coordinated with student-success initiatives (courses that help bridge gaps in preparation, for example); or simply fun, interesting opportunities for intellectual engagement
  • Pilot online and hybrid courses: (see Goal 2)

  • Strengthen our current pipeline programs: We already offer several middle school and high school programs, but we can be much more deliberate about how those programs feed the student pool for future Morehouse students and how we generate revenue from those programs

  • More effectively use auxiliary services: As we improve physical space (and even now), we can increase our use of all of our assets as ways to bring in new revenue, being careful not to interfere with the curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular work with students

Measures of Success

  • Compilation of evidence of strategically aligned with the Morehouse mission that can be submitted for consideration to the leadership and the board

  • Participation in various think-tanks/forums on higher education business models

  • Being prepared to explore a new business model fully in 2019