Morehouse College Strategic Plan

Goal 6: Attract, recruit, and retain a 21st century workforce

  • Work toward a more competitive compensation model
  • Clarify and improve the full life cycle of faculty and staff
  • Engage in innovative ways of bringing talent to Morehouse


  • Competitive Compensation Model: Implement a competitive compensation program for staff that rewards performance and keeps pace with market based salary data


  • Clarify full-life cycle:
    • Promotions: Clear pathways to promotion, greater rank, higher salary
    • Onboarding to retirement: Clear support throughout the entire life cycle of employment with opportunities for learning, being mentored, mentoring, and transitioning

  • Innovative ways to bring talent:
    • Partnering with industry
    • Partnering with alumni and friends of the College—perhaps most notably in short-term intensive courses
    • “Fellows”—academics, leaders, thinkers—on loan from other institutions or partnering in interesting ways for short-term work

Measures of Success

  • Improve staff salaries to close to the 50th percentile of market salaries with clear measures for performance-driven compensation.

  • Improved employee engagement, as measured by an annual employee engagement survey

  • Increase competitiveness for positions by pursuing strategies that increase applications for jobs.

  • Increased percentage of faculty who come from partner organizations

  • Increase number of special engagements with alumni or friends of the College