Morehouse College Strategic Plan

Goal 7: Improve organizational culture

  • Expand skill-building and training opportunities
  • Improve data governance
  • Improve assessment and feedback mechanisms
  • Engage in strategic prioritization and project management
  • Support collaboration across departments


  • Expand training: particularly in areas of technology and process; provide the space, time and opportunity for faculty and staff to be continual learners

  • Deploy a data dictionary and deploy tools that support compliance

  • Improve assessment: This is one of the largest tasks. We must become a culture of assessing, looking at and using the assessment to make improvements, and documenting the full cycle

  • Strategic prioritization:  We must put the right people on the right tasks at the right times to achieve the highest priority results most effectively

  •  Collaboration:  Create a cooperative working environment that supports process improvement (typically with the student outcome at the center) as opposed to functional optimization

  • All of the above: Champion the values of accountability, effectiveness, transparency, and efficiency as an organization


Measures of Success

  • Complete and implement data dictionary by Fall 2016, and complete business process redesigns of data centers and input processes resulting in more accurate, consistent data that will drive real-time, informed decision making.

  • Build a culture of institutional assessment that prepares us for our accreditation review by SACSCOC by 2018

  • Cultural shift from siloed operations to collaborative work, focusing on execution, outcomes and objectives to create more efficient operations.