Morehouse College Strategic Plan

Goal 8: Develop World-Class Infrastructure

  • Physical Space: Complete master plan for campus

    • Technology: Optimize technology solutions to objectives
    • Operations: Implement continual improvement process practices
    • Data & Information: Enhance capacity and practices to collect and use data
    • Communications: Increasing the use of digital media, find new ways to tell our unique stories


  • Physical Space: Complete master plan, including:
    • Plans for the athletic spaces
    • Plan and begin executing on sequences of moves that allow for construction of new building(s) to begin
    • Focus on environmentally friendly, sustainable options that promote energy efficiency, are flexible and capable of being repurposed
    • Spaces that are responsive to student development and academic objectives, allowing for innovations in pedagogy related based on the construction and energy efficiency objective
    • Making the space a magnetic destination for students, faculty, staff and guests
    • Integrate and connect the new campus to the surrounding communities.

  • Technology:
    • Improve WiFi infrastructure (fiber optics, copper, switches, and all the other hidden infrastructure)
    • Deploy new phone system allowing for e-faxing, digital voicemail
    • Move major systems to the cloud
    • Install physical and cyber security systems
    • Upgrade classroom and other shared technology
    • Increase staffing to improve help desk and service
  • Operations: Be in a continuous state of process improvement, always identifying priorities relative to the objectives established in this plan by using appropriate data to take action in an effort to improve process and inform next priorities, and then repeat the cycle

  • Communications: Fundamentally, we must do a better job of telling our story to all of our various constituents—internally, but mostly externally

Measures of Success

  • Completed master plan and phasing that meet values above by 2017

  • Successful completion of technology initiatives by 2018

  • Implementation of continuous improvement processes in all divisions of the College.

  • Demonstrated shift in the culture whereby data-driven decision-making, collaboration, execution of outcomes, and continuous assessment and adjustment are pervasive throughout College administration and operations.

  • More publications issued both online and in print; Morehouse in the news (positively) more often; and positive statistics and accomplishments more widely known