Morehouse College Strategic Plan

Goal 9: Expand and Better Steward Resources

  • Improve stewardship of all assets, most specifically across the key areas of:
    • Procurement
    • Benefits
    • Gifts and grants
    • Physical space
    • Financial resources
  • Better engage planning
  • Strengthen, manage, and leverage strategic relationships
  • Improve safety
  • Expand fund-raising capacity
  • Improve operating and financial efficiencies


  • Stewardship: Deploy best practice, full-cycle asset management practices from intake to allocation to spending to reporting with the objective of achieving fiscal integrity

  • Planning: Engage a more inclusive and transparent budgeting process that allows us to leverage our resources in a manner that is aligned and consistent with strategic priorities while lengthening the planning cycle

  • Strengthen relationships: Develop best-practice donor reports rich with detailed information regarding the impact of their ributions to the College (in turn encouraging further investment in Morehouse); focus on elevating “customer service” across all departments and units; establish clear standards of accountability and service in all constituent engagements, from parents to alumni to friends

  • Safety: Establish a secure perimeter around the College, allowing our students to feel and be protected as they move through the campus

  • Expand fund-raising capacity: Increase the size of the Advancement Office significantly, adding more robust research capabilities and technology capabilities; focus on the ability to raise unrestricted aid, capital resources, and endowed professorships

  • Efficiencies: Deploy best practices in procurement with appropriate technologies to ensure we have the best financial vehicles in a way that ensures appropriate oversight, auditing, internal controls and data security, thereby minimizing compliance and audit findings



Measures of Success

  • Improved relationships with donors leading to increase in fundraising efforts

  • A balanced budget by 2018

  • Improved experience by constituents as measured by an established system of assessment

  • Improved crime statistics demonstrating a decrease in violent and/or property crimes on campus

  • Increase in annual fundraising dollars

  • Decrease in audit findings/compliance findings