Morehouse College Strategic Plan

Goal 2: Support Pedagogical Exploration and Innovation

  • Explore and pilot online, hybrid and other modes of teaching
  • Expand active-learning, experiential-learning opportunities
  • Strengthen faculty development


  • Pilot online and hybrid courses: Explore online and hybrid delivery on both a small scale—individual courses that would be part of our existing program—and a large scale, potentially offering a whole new way for students to engage and earn a degree from Morehouse, that is consistent with expectations of the on-campus Morehouse experience

  • Pilot intensive short courses during breaks: Assess one-week to four-week intensive courses (demanding students to commit 12 hours per day)

  • Incorporate active learning opportunities into General Education: Integrate research and other discovery-based courses into the general education core

  • Support experiential-learning opportunities during the summer: Provide faculty research grants that engage students; restructure student summer programs to allow for more learning through projects; partner with industry, alumni, and colleagues at other institutions to offer a range of experiences to complement the academic/curricular learning

  • Develop mechanism for faculty to cultivate new ideas for courses: Provide regular opportunities for faculty to go from ideation to pilot and assessment, ultimately leading to full implementation of good ideas

  • Strengthen faculty development center: Provide the time, space and support for faculty to engage in the scholarship of teaching and learning, collaborate on research projects, and share their work

Measures of Success

  • Launch at least twelve (12) new online/hybrid courses piloted by 2018 with several becoming institutionalized

  • Pilot two (2) short courses by January 2017; Pilot six (6) short courses by January 2018

  • Establish solid corporate, alumni or other partnerships to support intensive courses being offered through our career services programs by 2018

  • Support up to ten (10) faculty working with three to five students each over the summer with experiential learning activities by Summer 2018

  • Increase the number and level of engagement at research cafés where faculty share outcomes of summer or sabbatical research, as well as increasing SOTL workshops and other faculty learning engagements

  • Increase the number and improve the veracity of assessment reports of piloted courses as part of the curriculum review process leading to standardization of ideation to pilot to implementation by 2018