Morehouse College Strategic Plan

Goal 3: Strengthen Advising and Mentoring

  • Improve information about courses and the full academic experience
  • Deploy technology that supports improved, more robust advising by faculty and divisional advisors
  • Deploy a “One-Stop” approach to enrollment
  • Improve Career Services and other post-Morehouse planning services
  • Strengthen support for prestigious scholarships, fellowships and awards


  • Design and deploy improved course catalog: Create a 21st century mechanism for students to understand courses, degree requirements, pathways to careers, experiential learning opportunities, scholarships, and more, so that students can exercise better agency over completing their Morehouse education

  • Deploy Civitas: Implement predictive analytics tool that allows us to monitor and support student success

  • Deploy Starfish: Implement this tool that allows us to act on the information above to provide timely interventions for students

  • Deploy One-Stop/Compass: Create a new (to Morehouse) approach ensuring that students can solve financial aid, registration and other issues on their own most of the time, and have an easy, single way to navigate all these issues

  • Become a model of excellence in career and professional development

  • Deploy a student career portal: Implement technology designed to help students navigate much of the career exploration and options on their own and prepare information for better discussions once a career adviser is engaged

  • Create a Prestigious Fellowships and Awards office: Support students and recent alumni through the process of identifying and applying for awards; and identify students who would make good candidates for prestigious awards

Measures of Success

  • Improved course catalog launched by 2018

  • Technology deployed that allows us to manage and deliver course catalog; and catalog available to all constituents that is up to date with latest information on courses, degree and major requirements, etc.

  • Civitas fully launched and implemented for all students by 2018

  • Starfish fully launched and implemented by 2018

  • One-Stop/Compass fully deployed and increase in student satisfaction with services in enrollment—financial aid, registrar’s office, etc.

  • Create a career and professional development center and deploy career portal by 2017

  • Greater satisfaction with career placement, most notably for those students who are not business or economics majors

  • Maintain percentage of placement in grad school and employed at 85%, even as percentage of graduates increases

  • Create a Prestigious Fellowships and Awards office by 2018