Morehouse College Strategic Plan

Goal 4: Enhance the Living-Learning Environment

  • Implement a residential college model:
    • Add faculty and peer engagement space to residence halls
    • Develop and engage students in curriculum complementary to academic program
  • Create vibrant on-campus social, intellectual programming
  • Strengthen athletics program


  • Deploy residential college model: Restructure dean and intervention model, leverage faculty in holistic teaching and learning, reorganize residences to accommodate meaningful groups, including STEM residences and career-based themed living

  • Continue Crown Forum After Dark and create similar events: Engage students in intellectual and social events with speakers; productions that they produce and are involved in; and other work that marries the curricular with the co- and extra-curricular in meaningful ways.

  • Strengthen Athletic Program to have a positive influence on admissions:
    • Improve facilities (in part to attract top talent in basketball, football, and baseball, and track most notably)
    • Partner with alumni and friends of the College to offer interaction with world-class athletes and those in athletics
    • Connect athletics with academic program, most notably in Kinesiology and Sports Science, Journalism and Sports, STEAM and MRI efforts

Measures of Success

  • The new residential college model completely deployed and engaged by 2018

  • Significant increase in attendance at Crown Forum events and decrease in students not fulfilling Crown Forum requirements prior to graduation

  • Combined results of more students wanting to live on campus, yielding higher on-campus occupancy, which leads to better academic performance

  • Increase in quality of athletic talent coming to Morehouse

  • Increased wins and successes in athletic competitions

  • Improved attendance at athletic events

  • Increased opportunities for students intersecting sports and academics