Morehouse College Strategic Plan

Goal 5: Attract, Recruit & Admit A Diverse New Generation of Students

  • Clarify our value proposition
  • Expand and diversify pool of domestic students
  • Recruit and matriculate a larger pool of international students
  • More effectively leverage summer and pre-college programs
  • Improve credit transfer policies for transfer students
  • Design new ways for students to engage Morehouse


  • Clarify our value proposition: Engage in branding and marketing work, particularly in print materials for students and families and online. Engage outside groups, such as, parent and alumni associations

  • Expand and diversify pool of domestic students. Expand recruitment into additional domestic markets by increasing staff and reaching new high schools and spaces of students.

  • Recruit and matriculate a larger pool of international students. Increase diversity by expanding recruitment into additional international markets such as African nations, the Caribbean, China, Brazil, and France.

  • More effectively leverage summer and pre-college programs/improve credits transfer policies for transfer students.
    • Improve yield through events, which can include "Transfer Days" and additional "Admitted Students" days.
    • Maximize the admission and recruitment by implementing a model that plans, monitors, appraises, and reviews job performance of those involved in recruitment
    • Strategically award institutional scholarship to yield the best "fit" students and to close need gap.

  • Design new ways for students to engage Morehouse. Deploy technology, such as:
    • Target-X, a customer relationship management tool, to manage admission funnel; understand and leverage trends; monitor critical measurements such as production, productivity and quality; and support improved customer service;
    • Social media tools to reach out to students where they are and to operate more efficiently, using email marketing software and other social media tools.

Measures of Success

    • Number of Applicants/Admits:
      • Increase number of applications from under 3000 to over 3500
  • Number of students admitted decreases from over 1900 to under 1900, preferably 1800
    • Admissions rate moves from above 75% to nearly 50%, preferably below 50% to improve selectivity
    • Number of first-time freshmen from just over 600 to 625, and eventually up to 650           
    • Number of transfers growing from 75 to 125, and eventually up to 150
    • Number of Students attending "Admitted Students" weekend from 400 to 475, eventually going to 500

  • Diversity of Applicants/Admits:
    • Percentage of African Americans moves from nearly 95% to 90%
    • Percentage of Hispanics moves from 10% to 15%
    • Percentage of International students moves from 2% to 10%

  • Quality of Applicants/Admits:
    • Admitted GPA maintained at 3.36 with a stretch goal to move to 3.5 GPA
    • Increase enrolled GPA from 3.1 to 3.2 with a stretch goal of 3.3 and higher
    • Enrolled ACT maintained at 22/23, which is five points over the black male average
      (*SAT scoring changed as of January 2016, so we are unable to use this measure until new data points are clearly established). 
  • Transfer Policy:
    • Complete update to transfer policy that allows large percentage of transfer credits to convert to Morehouse credit, including application of technology solution that automates this conversion