Leadership Education and Development Certificate Program

A major responsibility of the Division of Student Services is to provide our student staff and leadership with opportunities for personal and professional growth.  It is our intention that the student leaders are exposed to the skills, resources, and experiential learning situations that will enable them to become effective student leaders and peer helpers.  Recognizing that one cannot learn everything that they will need to know to be successful as a student leader by attending any combination of informational presentations, this certificate program is designed to further enhance a student leaders' leadership knowledge and skills.

Certificate Learning Goals

  • Enhance a student-leaders’ capacity to understand self
  • Establish the framework to understand principles of student leadership
  • To increase a student leaders’ knowledge, skills and disposition in inter- and intra-personal relations
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities of a student leader

Principles of Student Leadership at Morehouse College


Model the Way

Student leaders Model the Way by finding their voice and affirming shared values.

Inspire a Shared Vision

Student leaders Inspire a Shared Vision by envisioning the future and enlisting others in a common vision.

Challenge the Process

Student leaders Challenge the Process by searching for opportunities and by experimenting, taking risks, and learning from mistakes.

Enable Others to Act

Student leaders Enable Others to Act by fostering collaboration and strengthening others.

Encourage the Heart

Student leaders Encourage the Heart by recognizing contributions and celebrating values and victories.


Student Leaders at Morehouse College should:

  • Inspire a shared vision by developing goals that impact the entire campus community
  • Enable others to act by facilitating environments where community engagement appreciated
  • Be exemplary students through credibility, engagement inside/outside of the classroom, and a commitment to the development of the Morehouse student experience
  • Challenge the process by creating opportunities to challenge the status quo